“It made me want to go to graduate school and study AI.”- C2M2 Wraps First Quantum AI Course

Researchers from the Center for Connected Multimodal Mobility (C2M2), as a part of the center’s technology transfer activities, introduced the fundamentals of Quantum Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the students of Benedict College and other partner institutions in March of 2021. In this course, the researchers focused on the application of quantum AI in solving cybersecurity challenges. Dr. Mashrur ‘Ronnie’ Chowdhury co-instructed this course which was a part of the CSC 338 course offered this spring by the Computer Science, Physics and Engineering Department of Benedict College. The four-week-long quantum AI modules were a part of the semester-long course offered by Dr. Gurcan Comert (C2M2 Associate Director). Along with Dr. Chowdhury, Dr. Sakib Mahmud Khan (C2M2 Assistant Director), MD Zadid Khan (C2M2 researcher), and Reek Majumder (C2M2 researcher) introduced different modules related to quantum AI, which were aimed at teaching students to design, develop and experiment with different quantum AI models. Students conducted hands-on exercises and completed a final project related to transportation cybersecurity based on the knowledge gained through the course. Feedback from this course was very positive with one participant stating that “It made me want to go to graduate school and study AI.” This course was also supported by the newly established C2M2 Quantum AI Lab led by Benedict College and we expect it to be the first of many quantum AI courses developed and offered by our Center.