Dr. Essam Radwan of the University of Central Florida was our first distinguished speaker. He spoke to gathered Clemson students and staff, and consortium members via Adobe Connect on September 8th, 2017.  His talk was titled “Simulation of Vehicular-Pedestrian Conflicts.”

Jim Feda of the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Deputy of Intermodal Planning, gave a talk on the SCDOT’s ten-year plan to rebuild South Carolina’s road system at the Center for Connected Multimodal Mobility 2017 Fall Conference.

Dr. Mashrur “Ronnie” Chowdhury giving a technology demonstration on his work with Connected and Autonomous vehicles at the C2M2 2017 Fall Conference.

Dr. Amy Apon presenting on Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Cybersecurity, Data Sharing Through the Cloud, and Intelligent Traffic Signal Controllers, at the first annual Center for Connected Multimodal Mobility 2017 Fall Conference.

Dr. Chris Hendrickson the Director, Traffic21 Institute, and Hamerschlag University Professor of Engineering Emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University joined us as a part of our Distinguished Speaker Series, and as our keynote speaker at our Fall Conference. This talk will provide an overview of research on transformational transportation technologies at Carnegie Mellon University through the Traffic21 Institute and related University Transportation Centers.

Dr. Michael Hunter, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech, took part in our Distinguished Speakers Series on April 2nd, 2019. He gave a presentation titled, “Smart City Real-Time Data-Driven Transportation Simulation.” His talk can also be found on our Youtube channel.

Mac Devine, the Vice President & CTO, Cloud Native Center of Competency, Strategic Client Success, IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, IBM Cloud Division was our distinguished speaker July 23, 2019. Mac spoke about the “Perfect Storm” happening in cloud computing and BigData these days.