C2M2 Future Leaders Program

On April 24th, 2020, we wrapped up our very first C2M2 Future Leaders Program. Each week our students learned from various industry professionals the skills it takes to become a leader in all that they do. Each session focused on different leadership aspects essential to move forward in their future professional career. Sessions focused on practical skills such as how to be an effective writer/speaker, what makes a good leader, real-world examples from professionals in the transportation industry, and opportunities for students to improve their presentation skills. Our program finished with a three-minute presentation competition. Each student gave a presentation on an aspect of leadership or a leader that inspired them. Presentations were judged by representatives from Academia, the SC Department of Transportation, and Carolinas Alliance for Innovation. Awards were given to our three winners and certificates to all the students that completed the program. Congratulations to our winners, 3rd Place, Zadid Khan; 2nd Place, Thomas Shirley; 1st Place: Mahfuz Islam.