C2M2 CPS Frontiers Series- Dr. Kweku Brown

C2M2 would like to thank Dr. Kweku Brown, The Citadel, for taking part in our brand new C2M2 Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Frontiers Series. This speaking series will showcase former and current C2M2 doctoral students as well as early-career faculty researchers who have worked on C2M2 funded projects.

Seminar Title

Assessing Potential of Bike Share Networks and Active Transportation to Improve Urban Mobility, Physical Activity and Public Health Outcomes in South Carolina

Seminar Abstract

Statistics over the past few decades have shown South Carolina has historically been one of the leading states in high traffic crash rates and fatalities, high obesity rates, high rate of mortality due to heart disease and diabetes, and minimal use of active transportation. High rates of obesity and chronic disease pose significant threats to public health, economic health, and national security. The National Household Travel Survey reports that walking and biking has increased by over 21% since 2001, however, these mode shares make up only 11.5 % of travel in the U.S. although over 45% of all trips are 3 miles or less (NHTS 2017). This research will assess the impacts of built environment infrastructure on physical activity, health, and active transportation through a case study analysis in Charleston, SC with specific emphasis on a local bike share system. With over U.S. 60 bike share systems in 2017 (NACTO 2018) results from this study will be of interest to communities working to address short distance trips that reduce urban congestion, positively impacts physical activity and public health outcomes.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Kweku Brown (Ph.D., P.E) is an Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at The Citadel. He is a member of both the National and South Carolina Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).  He is a current member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) committee on Geospatial Data Acquisition Technologies (AkD70) and a former member of two TRB committees: Geospatial Information Science and Applications (AED40) and Statewide Transportation Data and Info Systems (AED10). Dr. Brown is very active in engineering education, professional organizations, community engagement, and has represented The Citadel at national capacity-building workshops. He works on South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) projects on safety, access management, and traffic operations. Additionally, his research focuses on transportation safety using geospatial analysis methods, transportation, health and the built environment, and engineering education.