C2M2 Distinguished Speaker – Brian D. Taylor, Ph.D.

The Center for Connected Multimodal Mobility (C2M2) would like to thank Dr. Brian D. Taylor, Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA for taking part in our C2M2 Distinguished Speaker Series.

Seminar Title

Congested Development:  Rethinking the Consequences of Development and Traffic Congestion

Seminar Abstract

Traffic congestion is universally unpopular, but is it always a problem?  Large, vibrant cities typically suffer from chronic traffic delays, while declining and depressed places don’t have much traffic.  Are some places more “congestion-adapted” than others?  In this talk I will address this question by shifting from the usual traffic engineering analytical frame to consider the economic and social consequences of traffic delays, and what might be done about them.

Speaker Bio

Brian D. Taylor FAICP is a Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy in the Luskin School of Public Affairs and Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UCLA.  He studies travel behavior and transportation equity, finance, history, and politics.  His recent research examines falling public transit ridership, the socio-economic dimensions of travel behavior, the rise of local option sales taxes for transportation, and the economic effects of traffic congestion.