Graduate Education

Similar to our track for undergraduate students, masters and doctoral students at C2M2 institutions will have the opportunity to specialize in Connected Multimodal Mobility (CMM). CMM-track courses will enhance student learning through “creative inquiry.” This pedagogy includes intensive, discovery-oriented approaches to learning in which undergraduates and graduate students are given meaningful research experiences that promote reasoning and critical thinking skills, ethical judgment, and a deep understanding of the methods of scientific research. The curriculum will be similar to the undergraduate track because many courses will be listed at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Because the mission of this proposed center is highly interdisciplinary, Ph.D. committees for all students involved in the project will be formed jointly between the two Ph.D. granting institutions. Furthermore, committee members will be from diverse educational backgrounds in relation to the main Ph.D. committee (for example, three members from Civil and Environmental Engineering, one from Statistics, and one from Computer Science). Highly relevant and interdisciplinary research will be required for all PhDs granted through this center. This will be assured through the involvement of the Academic Advisory and Industrial Advisory boards. MS students funded through the center will be encouraged to contribute to the development of education to enable technology transfer.  Currently, both Clemson University and the University of South Carolina are offering this program, and this summer our Center saw the first of our funded students graduate with their advanced degrees in these multidisciplinary areas.  

Check out one of our first collaborative graduate courses, Data Analytics for ITS, here.

Now announcing CE 8930 “Autonomous Vehicle Systems” Fall 2019 Clemson University.