Benedict College’s Summer 2021 Virtual Research Institute

This summer Dr. Gurcan Comert, one of our C2M2 Associate Directors, is once again participating in Benedict College’s Summer 2021 “Virtual” Research Institute. Along with a team of advisors from Benedict College, made up of Drs. Negash Begashaw, Samuel Darko, and Balaji Iyangar, Dr. Comert will be mentoring a group of 19 students as they conduct research on various topics related to quantum artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and connected infrastructure. In addition to meeting regularly with their team of advisors to discuss the progress of their research, there will be guest lectures from transportation experts, and time allocated for students to conduct experiments at the McNair Aerospace Center at the University of South Carolina. Students will be focusing on some of the following topics.

  • Incident detection and cyber-attack detection Quantum Artificial Intelligence (4 students)
  • Road surface distress classification (2 students)
  • Detecting illegal removal of barricades using connected infrastructure and users (2 students)
  • Literature review works on Urban Air Mobility environmental impacts, infrastructure, manufacturing, and quality control. (6 students)
  • Image processing for detecting fiber distributions (1 student)
  • Substrate classification problem (3 students)

At the end of the summer, students will present their findings with a virtual poster presentation.