C2M2 Presentations at TRB

We are so proud of the work of our C2Maffiliated researchers and students presented at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual meeting in Washington D.C. January 13-17, 2019. Our center representatives presented posters, presided over committees, and presented lecterns showcasing the breadth of their research to the transportation community. 


TitleAuthor(s)C²M² AffiliationPublication TypeTRB SessionPresentation Number

Vision-Based Navigation of Autonomous Vehicle in Roadway Environments with Unexpected Hazards 

Mhafuzul Islam, Mashrur Chowdhury, Hongda Li, Hongxin HuClemson UniversityConference PosterPS 149619-03376
Real-Time Pedestrian Detection Approach with an Efficient Data Communication Bandwidth Strategy Mizanur Rahman, Mhafuzul Islam, Jon Calhoun, Mashrur ChowdhuryClemson UniversityConference PosterPS 149619-04803
Development and Evaluation of Recurrent Neural Network–Based Models for Hourly Traffic Volume and AADT Prediction MD Zadid Khan, Sakib Mahmud Khan, Kakan Dey, Mashrur ChowdhuryClemson University, West Virginia UniversityConference PosterPS 121619-02375
State of Adaptive Signal Systems in the United States Katherine Brunk, Sakib Khan, Mashrur Chowdhury Clemson UniversityConference PosterPS 123019-03715
Change Point Models for Real-Time V2I Cyber Attack Detection in a Connected Vehicle Environment Gurcan Comert, Mizanur Rahman, Mhafuzul Islam, Mashrur ChowdhuryBenedict College, Clemson UniversityConference PosterPS 129719-03063
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy at State Departments of TransportationDennis C. Bausman, Joseph Burgett, Mashrur Chowdhury, Phillip Greider, Katherine BrunkClemson UniversityConference PosterPS AV060(1)19-01748
Intermodal Freight Terminal Design and Operations CommitteeNathan HuynhUniversity of South CarolinaPresidingAT050 
Estimation of Average Annual Daily Traffic Using Fuzzy Regression Methods Mohammad Torkjazi, Nathan Huynh, Samaneh Shiri, Mashrur Chowdhury, Kakan Chandra DeyUniversity of South Carolina, Clemson University, West Virginia UniversityConference PosterPS 121619-03003
Environmental Analysis Research Topics SubcommitteeYuche ChenUniversity of South CarolinaPresidingADC10(2) 
Equilibrium Fuel Supply and Carbon Credit Pricing Under Market Competition and Environmental Regulations: A California Case Study Kejia Hu, Yuche ChenVanderbilt University, University of South CarolinaConference PosterPS 136019-00199
Multi-Period Inland Depot for Empty Container Expansion ProblemFahim Ahmed, Nathan HuynhUniversity of South CarolinaConference PosterPS 137019-02955
Assignment of Freight Traffic in a Large-Scale Intermodal Network Under Uncertainty Majbah Uddin, Nathan Huynh, Fahim Ahmed University of South CarolinaConference PosterPS 137019-04787
Stochastic Drayage Scheduling Considering Uncertainty in All Processes of Drayage Operations Samaneh Shiri, Nathan Huynh, ManWo NgUniversity of South Carolina, Old Dominion UniversityConference Poster PS 137019-05645
Investigation into the Effect of Lateral and Longitudinal Loads on Railroad Spike Stress Magnitude and Location Using Finite Element Analysis Marcus Dersch, Thomas Roadcap, J. Riley Edwards, Yu QianUniversity of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, University of South CarolinaConference PosterPS 150219-05068
Contemporary Issues in Intermodal Freight Terminal Design and OperationsNathan HuynhUniversity of South CarolinaPresidingPS 1712 
Marine Container Terminal Best PracticesNathan HuynhUniversity of South Carolina PresidingLS 1742 
An Efficiency-Based Approach to Biofuel Facility Location-Routing Network Design Under the Risk of Facility Disruptions Jae-Dong Hong, Judith L MwakalongeSouth Carolina State UniversityConference PosterPS 136119-01173
The Impact of an Emergency Bridge Lane Closure and Contraflow Lane Implementation on Travel in Charleston, South Carolina David Greenburg, Dimitra MichalakaThe CitadelConference PosterPS 156219-00825
Does Walking and Bicycling More Mean Exercising Less?: Evidence from the United States and the Netherlands Rachael Panik, Eric Morris, Carole VoulgarisToole Design Group, Clemson University, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoConference PosterPS 115119-01080
Evaluation of Airborne and Mobile LiDAR Accuracy in Highway Cross Slope Measurement Alireza Shams, Wayne Sarasua, Brook T Russell, William J Davis, Christopher Post, Afshin Famili, Kweku Brown, Jennifer OgleClemson University, The CitadelConference PosterPS 122019-05907
Integration of the Incident Command System (ICS) Protocol for Effective Coordination of Multi-Agency Response to Traffic IncidentsJennifer OgleClemson UniversityConference PosterPS 129219-20836
Emergency Evacuations CommitteePamela Murray-TuiteClemson UniversityPresidingABR30 
Modeling the Sequencing of Evacuation Destination and Accommodation Type in HurricanesAbhishek Damera, Hemant Gehlot, Satish Ukkusuri, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Yue Gurt Ge, Seungyoon LeeIndian Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Clemson University, University of Central FloridaConference PosterPS 115019-05072
Storm-Surge Flooding and Sea-Level Rise Effects on Evacuation Connectivity and Maximum Flow in Norfolk and Virginia Beach Aphisit Phoowarawutthipanich, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Kathleen HancockVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Clemson UniversityConference PosterPS 142619-02702
An Examination of Bus Networks Influence on Rapid-Transit Patronage in a U.S. MegacityLuis Ramos-SantiagoClemson UniversityConference PosterPS 144119-01381
Does Lacking a Car Put the Brakes on Activity Participation?: Private Vehicle Access and Access to Opportunities Among Low-Income Adults Eric Morris, Evelyn BlumenbergClemson University, UCLA Institute of Transportation StudiesLecternLS 145619-00829
Evacuation Decision Making and BehaviorPamela Murray-TuiteClemson UniversityPresidingLS 1582 
Short Segment Statewide Screening of Mid-Block Crashes in South Carolina Afshin Famili, Wayne Sarasua, Adika Iqbal, Devesh Kumar, Jennifer OgleClemson UniversityConference PosterPS 170619-01589