Distinguished Speaker – Taimi Olsen

C2M2 would like to thank Dr. Taimi Olsen, Clemson University, for taking part in our C2MDistinguished Speaker Series on January 26th, 2022.

Seminar Title

Inclusive Teaching for Today’s Engineering and Science Students

Seminar Abstract

This interactive talk will address our understanding of and interactions with today’s students, as we think through mindsets, motivations, and engagement practices that can work with Gen Zers and be inclusive and support all students. As experienced educators, how do we know what practices are inclusive, and how do we avoid unintentionally adding barriers to student academic success in higher ed?

Speaker Bio

Dr. Taimi Olsen is an educator and faculty developer with four decades of experience in higher education. She is devoted to universal, transparent teaching, bringing her passion to teaching first generation students, women and students of color, international students, and students with disabilities—and to bring educational support to faculty in these positionalities.