Manufacturing Lab at CU-ICAR

Research Positions

To inquire about a research position, please email Dr. Mears with your CV, which position you are interested in, and specific qualifications for the position. Please present yourself professionally; colloquial email (e.g., "i luv ur research 4...") will be ignored.

Postdoctoral Researcher: There are currently no open postdoc positions in the Mears lab.

Graduate - PhD : There is currently one open position in our research lab for a Ph.D. student.

1) Embedded Systems for Manufacturing (PhD)

This posting is for a position in research and development for quality estimation sensing platforms for manufacturing feedback. Candidates should have experience with manufacturing quality, sensing, and programming of embedded systems. Requirements are C or Python fluency, and prior work with Raspberry Pi and Arduino systems.

Graduate - MS : If you are interested in working in the group and have experience in one of the following areas, please email Dr. Mears with your CV. Note the area(s) in which you have experience.

  • Machining modeling,
  • deformation modeling,
  • sensor fusion,
  • manufacturing process control (especially adaptive and model-based strategies),
  • stochastic analysis,
  • advanced LabVIEW programming (Modeling and Simulation, Control Design and System Identification),
  • programming in embedded systems.

Undergraduate: I am always open to accepting undergraduate research students in the lab. Below are some areas of interest to us.

  • Superalloy machining analysis. Applicants should know MATLAB and basic CNC skills. Preferred to have passed an undergraduate manufacturing processes course.
  • Multi-material joining for new automotive designs.
  • Pedagogical influence of research experience on middle school STEM. Become involved with creating and evaluating the effect of research demonstrations on visiting middle school students.


I am open to discuss potential collaboration opportunities with industrial or research lab partners. Please see our research page for current projects and expertise.


I am active in consulting on Manufacturing Process Development, Quality System Analysis, Manufacturing Process Assessment, or holding short educational courses in any of the above topics.


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