Amit Bajirao Deshpande

Research Assistant

Master’s Student in Automotive Engineering

I am a graduate research assistant in the SmartState Manufacturing Lab. I have been pursuing my master’s degree from Clemson University in Automotive Engineering. I have been strongly attracted to the field of automotive manufacturing. I have specialized in BiW design and manufacturing. The automotive industry is facing several challenges in order to meet the fuel economy and emission standards. One of those challenges is reducing the weight of the vehicle or lightweighting. Multimaterial joining research has been a crucial part of solving this challenge. My research in joining methods is concerned with developing prototype technology. In my role as a research assistant, I am responsible for designing and developing the test methodologies. My role also comprises designing modifications to the existing equipment and testing the new setups for industrial viability through analysis of process metrics: time, energy, and strength. I am experienced in metallographic analysis, strength testing, analyzing and presenting results of DOE style experimentation.

Publications and Conference Presentations

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P1: Abrasive Element Use in Friction Element Welding – Poster [2021]