Research Sponsors

National Science Foundation

The NSF is a key sponsor of the SmartState Lab activities and projects. NSF funds fundamental science in machining processes, and is the supporter of our NSF THINKER education science program, as well as an upcoming series of planning workshops around teaming for an Engineering Research Center proposal.

Office of Naval Research

ONR funds SmartState Lab work in training the next generation of technicians, engineers and designers of robotics in manufacturing systems, with particular emphasis on how robots and humans integrate and complement one another in these environments. This grant is under the Manufacturing Engineering Education grant program (MEEP) begun in 2018 to put stronger emphasis on manufacturing technology education.

BMW AG and BMW Manufacturing Corporation

BMW is a strategic research partner with Clemson University, and funds work in the areas of quality, production, sensing, and human integration to the manufacturing landscape. BMW was a core partner in the establishment of the CU-ICAR campus and Automotive Engineering program, and together with the State of South Carolina, funded two endowed chairs in the SmartState program: Automotive Manufacturing, and Systems Integration.

Collaboration Partners