Manufacturing Lab at CU-ICAR
Industrial Lab Partners

The following organizations have given generously to the lab through equipment and software donations or consignment:


Okuma America Corporation

Okuma is our major machining center industrial partner. They have consigned machines directly to the lab floor, as well as providing support through engineering and technical services. We also have access to the extended Partners in ThINC support network. All incoming graduate students learn programming and operation on the P200 ThINC controller.


Morris South

Morris South Corporation

Morris South is the area representative for Okuma machine tools, and is a strategic partner for services, tooling and programming support.

National Instruments Corporation

NI has donated hardware and specialty software toolkits to the lab, supporting us in major research projects and proposals. The main control hardware used for the lab is the industrial NI-CompactRIO platform.


Gibbs and Associates

Through a gracious donation, Gibbs has allowed us to incorporate GibbsCAM machining planning software throughout our graduate and undergraduate curriculum. All incoming graduate students learn the software and apply it in a practical lab. Undergraduates have exposure to GibbsCAM in a term project of the undergraduate Manufacturing core course.


Third Wave Systems

TWS Advantedge FEM simulates the machining process for prediction of machining temperatures, forces and tool wear.

Automation Engineering Corporation

AEC is a local automation contracting company that has given hardware for use in our Automotive Industrial Automation course, allowing students to build, program and integrate PLC, PAC and robotic equipment. AEC also sponsors an annual scholarship for the Automotive Engineering program.



Renishaw corporation supports education and research in Automotive Engineering through donation of on-machine probing hardware and measurement software.


Caron Engineering

A national machine tool control platform developer, Caron supports the machining research program through hardware donation. This allows us to explore alternative control technologies, implementing them directly on the real-time machine tool controller.


Blum Novotest Laser

High-accuracy laser-based on-machine measurement systems for tool geometry and wear characterization.


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