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Lab Personnel

Mears Lab Group



M. Laine Mears, Ph.D., P.E

Professor of Automotive Engineering
Clemson University - International Center for Automotive Research


Current Postdoctoral Scholars





Dr. Lujia Feng

  • Ph.D. Automotive Engineering, Clemson University 2016
  • MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University 2012
  • BE Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Beijing Technology and Business University 2010
Energy Quantification and Optimization in Manufacturing Systems






Farbod Akhavan Niaki

  • PhD Automotive Engineering, Clemson University
  • MS Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University 2012
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University 2010
Information Generation and Learning in Manufacturing Systems





Current Ph.D. Students

Abram Pleta

  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Penn. State - Erie 2013
Characterization of Superalloy Machining

Jamie Skovron

  • BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida 2012
Modeling of Flow Drilling and Application to Multimaterial Joining Processes

Brandt Ruszkiewicz

  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Penn. State - Erie 2015
Electrically-Assisted Processing

Matthew Krugh

  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Penn. State - Erie 2013
Low-Cost Embedded Systems for Manufacturing Data Generation and Control











Technical Support

David Mann

Electrical Technical Support

Gary Mathis

Machining and Fabrication Technical Support

Frank Webb

Instrumentation and Test Equipment Technical Support



Lab Alumni

Martin Michel

Hochschule Birkenfeld
Process Effects on Tool Wear, and Wear Estimation in Difficult-to-Machine Alloys

Rohan Prasad

  • BS Indian Institute of Technology - Ropar, 2015
Thermal Modeling of the Flow Form Screwing Process

Graduate Student, University of Michigan

Harshal Date

  • BS Manipal Institute of Technology, 2013
Electrically-Assisted Forming of High-Strength Steels, and Integration to Process Tooling

Employed as Process Technologist, Magna BDW Technologies GMBH, Markt Schwaben, Germany

Vassilis Bardis

  • MS Aerospace and Mechanical Engr., Rutgers University 2014
  • MS Automotive Engineering, Coventry University UK 1998
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Bradford UK 1997
Low-Cost Sensing for Manufacturing Systems

Dr. Durul Ulutan, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Rutgers University 2013
Modeling of Superalloy Machining

Employed as Assistant Professor, Bucknell University

Philipp Klee, MS Hochschule Birkenfeld

Fachhochschule Birkenfeld

Electrically-Assisted Machining of Superalloys

Valerie Pezzullo

BS Florida State University 2012


Design of a Custom Software Application to Monitor and Communicate CNC Machining Process Information to Aid in Chatter Identification

Employed with JTEKT Corporation

Kavit Antani, PhD AuE 2014

MS Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University 2000
BE Production Engineering, University of Mumbai 1997
Diploma Mechanical Engineering, University of Mumbai 1994


A Study of the Effects of Manufacturing Complexity on Product Quality in Mixed-Model Automotive Assembly

Employed with BMW Manufacturing Corporation

Cindy Stanley, University of Notre Dame

Superalloy Machining Modeling using MATLAB

Corey Benson

Mechanical Engineering
Flow Drill Process Modeling and test

Ryan Herrick

Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory Setup for Structural Testing

Gregory Wilson

Mechanical Engineering
Superalloy Machining Characterization

Nathan DeVol

Mechanical Engineering
Superalloy Machining Characterization

Hemanth Potluri

BS Osmania University 2011
Characterization and Control of Electrically-Assisted Friction Stir Welding

Employed with Kautex Corporation

Parikshit "Perry" Mehta, PhD ME 2013

MSME, Clemson University 2009
Model-Based Control of Machining Operations

Employed with Alcoa

Elizabeth Jones, BS ME 2013

Mechanical Engineering
Modeling the Electrically-Assisted Machining Process

Employed with Eastman Chemical

Andrew Barrett, BS ME 2013

Mechanical Engineering
Cutting Force Evolution in Superalloy Machining

Employed with GE Power and Water

Michael Schmitt

Fachhochschule Birkenfeld
Tool Wear in Superalloy Machining

Yujie Chen, PhD AuE 2013

MSME, University of North Texas, 2010
Prediction of Subsurface Damage during Machining Nickel-Based Superalloys

Employed with Caterpillar Inc.

Cristina Bunget, Ph.D.

Ph.D. NC State University 2008

Joshua Jones, PhD AuE 2012

BSME, Penn State - Erie, 2009
Control Approaches for Electrically-Assisted Deformation Processing in Sheet Metals

Employed with JTEKT Corporation

Mathew Kuttolamadom, PhD MSE 2012

Prediction of the Wear & Evolution of Cutting Tools in a Carbide / Ti-6Al-4V Machining Tribosystem

Employed with Texas A&M University

Wesley Salandro, PhD AuE 2012

Thermomechanical Modeling of the Electrically-Assisted Manufacturing (EAM) Technique During Open-Die Forging

Employed with BMW Manufacturing Corporation

Seetha Bavuluri, MS ME 2012

Application of Tool Force Prediction to Process Control

Employed with Kautex Corporation

Endris Kerga, 2012 visiting scholar Politecnico di Milano

Virtual Obeya for Global Manufacturing Deployment of New Designs

Tim Warrick, BS ME 2011

Robotic Evaluation of Artificial Knee Joint Laxity

Employed with Fluor Corporation

Drew Werner

Drew Werner, MS ME 2011

BSME Clemson University
Predictive Maintenance Automation in Machine Tools

Employed with BOSCH

Christoph Spindler, BS Hochschule Birkenfeld

Simulation of Vehicle Assembly Manufacturing Systems

Manjesh Dubey, MS ME 2011

BSME, Dr. M.G.R. University, Chennai, 2009
Model and of Injection Mold Processing for Surface Microstructure Control

Employed with MAGNA/COSMA

Carlos Montes-Solano, PhD AuE 2011

MSME, Clemson University 2009
BSEE, University of Costa Rica 2005
High Resolution Vision-Based Servomechanism using a Dynamic Target with Application to CNC Machines

Employed with ASML

Todd Titus, MS AuE 2011

MBA, Clemson University 2004
BSME (minor BioE), Clemson University 1999
Active Feedback for Manual Assembly Operations

Employed with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Corporation

Thomas Martens, PhD AuE 2011

Dipl. Ing (FH) Fachhochschule Wilhelmshaven 1993
Sinter Bonding of Metal Injection Molded Parts through Surface Microstructure Control

Employed with Continental Contitech, Hamburg

Chan Yet Wong, PhD AuE 2011

MSEE Tulane University 2005
Model-Based Approach Addressing System Integration Challenges for High Precision System

Employed with Entergy Power

Dr. April Bryan, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2008

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan 2008
Characterization of Cutting Tool Wear in Titanium Machining

Employed with Western Washington University

Dr. Uli Burger, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2008

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Fachhochschule Ingolstadt
Method for Volumetric Tool Wear Measurement

Employed as Design Engineer, EuroCopter

Brian Stevenson

Brian Stevenson, MS AuE 2010

BS, Physics, Furman University, 2008
Shape Factor Characterization for Metrology of Inductively-Sensed Structures

Employed with Faiveley Transport

Sumalatha Yaski, MSME 2008

Quantitative Modeling of Soil Properties Based on Composition ond Application

Simulation Modeling Engineer, Metal Oxide Fuels, Shaw AREVA

Swathi Chimalapati, MSME 2008

Characterization of a Nanocomposite Sensor in Multiple Environmental Domains

Graduate Student at Oakland University

Soujanya Teppa, MSME 2008

Bonding Strength Modeling of Polyurethane to Vulcanized Rubber

Senior Mechanical Engineer at Triyards Holdings Ltd.

Drew Werner, BSME 2010

Dynamic Characterization of a Nanocomposite Force Sensor

Marshall Saunders, BSME 2008

Control System Development for Off-Road Tire Measurement Machine

Employed with BMW Manufacturing Corporation

Andreas Emrich, 2011 visiting scholar Fachhochschule Birkenfeld

Creation of a Practical Machining Exercise for Graduate Education

Thorsten Pröpper, 2011 visiting scholar Fachhochschule Birkenfeld

Multiaxis Testing Apparatus for Artifical Knee Joint

Marco Gall, 2010 visiting scholar Fachhochschule Birkenfeld

Computer-Aided Machining Planning With Machine Tool Structure Considerations

Cristoph Fey, 2010 visiting scholar Fachhochschule Birkenfeld

Dynamic Machining Force Characterization


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