Manufacturing Lab at CU-ICAR
Teaching Activities

AuE 855 - Vehicle Structural Design and Analysis

This course covers simulation of body structure design, composites analysis and optimization, and physical validation of structural simulation results. Developed in conjunction with a major US OEM and FEA software company.


AuE 869 - Automotive Quality Assurance and Systems

This course covers derivation of the tools commonly used in quality engineering for manufacturing, and an understanding of common metrology systems.  The Lean Six Sigma framework is described, and students engage in projects supported by the tools.  Additionally, Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) is exercised in a project.

AuE 833 – Manufacturing Systems Lab

Machining systems basic practical instruction, incorporating elements of machining (machine tool, tooling, fixturing, programming), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) path planning, simulation and practical machining of test pieces. This is required for all Automotive Engineering Master’s program students.

AuE 834 – Automotive Production Preparation and Launch

This course prepares the student to manage the activities of vehicle launch, including coupled product and tooling design, equipment specification, supplier integration, production trials and inventory management. The course is taught in cooperation with the launch management group of on OEM partner. Case studies and production trials are used.

AuE 867 – Automotive Manufacturing Processes

This course presents modeling and simulation of production processes used in vehicle subsystem and component manufacturing through analytical treatment of specific product cases. The course is modular in nature, allowing arrangement of cases to model and analyze new technologies as they develop. Analytic content is blended with enterprise topics such as Quality System Standards and Supply Chain Management.

AuE 880 –Vehicle Project Management

Project management from an industrial perspective. Includes project planning, analysis, execution and review. Stage gate process and effective communication strategy.

AuE 881 –Vehicle Systems Overview

Module on steering system overview, including component functional descriptions, geometric and stability analysis, technology application and integration, and alternative technology approaches to vehicle guidance.

AuE 893 – Automotive Manufacturing Automation

This course explores factory automation at the process, cell, plant and enterprise levels. Machine automation modeling (e.g., servo-drivetrains), communication protocols used, robotics, and applications to material handling and logistic systems. Supported by practical simulation, build and test exercises. Developed with visiting professor of Facchoschule-Bocholt Mechatronics and Machining laboratory.

ME 312 - Manufacturing Processes and Their Application.

Fundamental principles associated with production processes and their application to the manufacture of products from metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. Emphasizes the physical and quantitative aspects of processing, the selection of processes to create products, and the identification of processes used to manufacture existing products.

ME 402 – Senior Capstone Design (group advisor)

This course presents students with an open-ended design project sponsored by industry, and drives application of design tools to create feasible solutions. Acted as advisor to 4 teams designing a manufacturing system, tooling and fixturing for new tire types.

ME2110 – Creative Decisions and Design (GT graduate practicum)

As a graduate student at Georgia Tech, I worked with a professor to teach design methodology in the classroom, and then apply it directly in a lab environment. Activities: • Prepare and deliver undergraduate teaching lectures on design methods and analysis • Assist students directly in lab with design, machining and assembly of semester project • Coordinate and participate in end-of-semester design competition • Participate in weekly collaboration with other students to review the collective experience.

Invited Lectures - Real-Time Control (2005)

I was invited by NI to travel to 4 universities and give a series of lectures on the application of hardware determinism to motion control. Activities: • Prepared and presented research results specific to deterministic hardware and LabVIEW • Taught Real-Time programming techniques in all-day seminars with hands-on lab

Industrial Machine Instruction (1994-2003)

As a manufacturing and project engineer starting up new processes, a main responsibility was training other engineers and operators. Over 10 years, my activities in this role include: • Taught machine theory, quality and operation to engineers and associates • Prepared detailed work instructions on machine operation and abnormal state recovery


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