Electromagnetic Compatibility

Automotive Electronic Systems

A typical automobile on the road today has dozens of computer controlled electronic systems. Click on a system in the figure below to learn more about it; or choose a system from the list below the figure. Automotive Electronic Systems

Alphabetical List of Automotive Systems

Night Vision Head-Up Display Driver Alertness Monitoring Instrument Cluster Accident Recorder Event Data Recorder Auto-Dimming Mirror Interior Lighting Active Cabin Noise Suppression Voice and Data Communications Cabin Environment Controls Digital Short Range Communications Entertainment Systems Battery Management Systems Lane Correction Systems Electronic Toll Collection Digital Turn Signals Navigation Systems Security Systems Active Exhaust Noise Suppression Active Suspension Systems Hill-Hold Control Systems Regenerative Braking Systems Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Anti-lock Braking Systems Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Automatic Parking Systems Active Yaw Control Systems Seat Position Controls Transmission Control Systems Lane Departure Warning Systems Blindspot Detection Remote Keyless Entry On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) Active Vibration Control Cylinder Deactivation Idle Start/Stop or Automatic Start/Stop Electronic Valve Timing Electronic Throttle Control Electric Power Steering Automatic Braking Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Front Lighting Airbag Deployment Engine Control Systems Parental Control Systems Windshield Wiper Controls