Call for papers

We have now received 82 abstracts and abstract submission is closed.

The workshop committee seeks abstracts in the broad area of wind engineering. Abstracts are sought from industry and academia and can include:

  1. case studies,
  2. field studies,
  3. experimental research,
  4. theoretical research, and
  5. numerical and computational research.

Abstracts are due March 19, 2021 and can be submitted by emailing them to Abstracts should be written using the abstract template.

A tentative list of topics covered is given below:

  1. Wind events
    • risk modeling
    • wind field modeling
    • non-synoptic winds
    • Turbulence theory
  2. Wind loading and damage
    • Aerodynamics of buildings and bridges
    • Aeroelasticity
    • wind induced vibrations
    • non-hurricane loads
    • Performance-based wind engineering
    • Wind-Induced loads on non-building structures
    • Wind code and standards
    • Vulnerability of structures under wind loads
    • Wind effects on transportation
    • Wind-driven rain and permeable facades
    • Windborne debris
    • Vehicle aerodynamics
  3. Wind event response
    • Hazard evacuation
    • Post-event field studies
    • Recovery and resiliency
  4. Other wind research
    • Wind energy
    • multi-hazard modeling
    • etc.