Presentations at the workshop

If you are presenting at the workshop please note the following:

  1. Talks are 10 minutes with 2 minutes for questions and changing presenters so please keep to time. The program is very full so please be respectful over everyone’s time and keep to the 10 minute limit. Please have a few practice runs through your presentation to ensure the timing works out.
  2. Please get to your session zoom link early and introduce yourself to the session chair (listed in the program). They will make you a co-host for the zoom call so you are able to share screen.
  3. The entire zoom call will be recorded and later posted on the AAWE website for members to access so please ensure that nothing inappropriate is showing on your screen.
  4. When it is your turn to present you will need to share your screen. There is a short video on the best way to do that linked here. The main points are:
    1. make sure you are not muted
    2. when you share screen share your whole screen to that when you go into presentation mode the audience see the presentation.
    3. if there are videos in your presentation that have audio that you want the audience to hear you need to check the share sound box when you share screen
    4. When you share screen try to have as few other applications running as possible as they may all be visible to the audience
    5. you may wish to keep your camera off during the presentation to save bandwidth and turn it on for the Q&A at the end.