Debris impact

A variety of debris impact studies have been conducted using the departments debris impact cannon. Sample studies are described below.

Metal Decking

Metal decking is widely used roof, floor, and wall systems.  Experimental research was conducted to determine the suitability of metal decking for use in storm shelters.  In particular, the effects of connection details on resistance to debris impact were investigated. The research resulted in a list of practical design guidelines that can be used to increase the impact resistance of metal deck systems.

Cross laminated timber

Innovations in the use of wood as a structural material have included the invention
of engineered wood products including Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) for which markets
are expanding. One such market is residential construction where many structures are built
using light-frame construction techniques. These structures have shown vulnerabilities to
hazards such as tornadoes; whereas, CLT has shown potential to withstand these hazards. Results from experimental debris impact testing demonstrated that 3-ply CLT could
reliably resist the debris associated with EF-2 and EF-3 level events while failing
approximately 50% of the time when subject to EF-5 level hazards. C