Parallel sessions VI

Times and zoom link are in the program (Program link)

Structural response III (Chair Dr. Luca Caracoglia)

011“Estimation and Characterization of Nonstationary Inelastic Crosswind Responses of Base-Isolated Tall Buildings” Feng & Chen
074“Impact of Extreme Wind Loads on Sliding Glass Doors” Moravej, Arya, Simsir, & Jain
020“Assessment of load path through residential roofs using full-scale wind tunnel measurements” Stevenson, Morrison, & Kopp
081“Fatigue performance of wood frame roof-to-wall connections with elastomeric adhesives under uplift cyclic loading” Alhawamdeh & Shao
030“Wind uplift resistance of Vinyl Siding- a standardized test protocol for multi-chamber pressure application” Lafontaine, Roueche, & Prevatt

Wind Tunnels III (Chair Dr. Murray Morrison)

035“Differences in flow structures of tornado vortex and efficiency of different tornado chambers” Verma & Selvam
017“Uncertainty Quantification of Wind-tunnel Tests of a Low-Rise Building Model using the NIST Aerodynamic Database” Hubbard, Shelley, & Zhang
037“Critical Evaluation of Roof Pressure Statistics over an Isolated Low-rise Building using NIST and TPU Aerodynamic Databases” Shelley, Hubbard, & Zhang
069“A probabilistic loading model including the vertical angle of attack to estimate tornado loading” Zaldivar de Alba, Lombardo, Bodine, & Reinhart
060“Full-Scale Wind Testing to Determine the Role of Vertical Protrusions on Curtain wall Performance” Alawode, Vutukuru, Elawady, Chowdhury, & Lori