Parallel Sessions I

Times and zoom link are in the program (Program link)

Modelling and AI (Chair Dr. M.Z. Naser)

041“Statistical Investigation of Wind Duration Using A Refined Hurricane Track Model” Wang & Wu
077Data-driven simulation of asymmetric hurricane wind fields for community resilience planning” Guo & van de Lindt
0153D nonlinear tropical cyclone boundary layer model: From meteorological perspective to wind engineering applications” Hu & Kareem
066“Model for simulating extreme wind speed distribution parameters for hurricane winds” Dannemiller, Smith, & Morse
024“Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Decision Support System for Transportation Infrastructure Management under Hurricane Events” Li & Wu
027“Artificial Neural Network models to study wind-induced response of large-span roofs and suspension bridges” Rizzo & Caracoglia
080“Applicability of DAD methodology for low-rise buildings to European and Italian wind load standards” Crisman, Caracoglia, & Noè
007“Active Machine Learning in Large Scale Wind Tunnel experiments” Chauhan, Ojeda-Tuz, Shields, Gurley, & Caterilli

Field Studies I (Chair Dr. Dorothy Reed)

044“Multi-event comparative analysis of common wind damage patterns from recent windstorms” Roueche & Nakayama
046“Wind-induced failures and structural modeling of large-volume buildings impacted by Hurricane Michael (2018)” Marshall, Roueche, Berman, Roberts, & Blue
039“Detection and classification of damages to civil infrastructure using a video-monitoring tool” Whiteman, Fernandez-Caban, Marin, Tezcan, Wu, & Cheng
058“Wireless Sensor Network System Data Acquisition and Analysis using DesignSafe” Sridhar, Pinelli, Zhang, Subrumanian, Wang, Sun, Lazarus, & Besing
061“Development of a Wireless Sensor Network” Wang, Sun, Subrmanian, Pinelli, Lazarus
062“Validation and Calibration of a Wireless Sensor Network” Zhang, Sridhar, Subramanian, Pinelli, Lazarus, Wang, Sun, & Besing
047“Field monitoring the wind-induced response of a large-area fabric membrane structure” Roueche, Marshall, Stiles, Jackson, Anderson, & Davidson
079“The 3 March 2020 Cookeville, Tennessee Tornado Damage Report” Lopez & Lombardo