Parallel Sessions III

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Windborne Debris (Chair Dr. Ali Tohidi)

071“Computational methods of windborne debris trajectories in a near-surface tornadic field” Chen & Lombardo
026“Modeling windborne debris trajectories in tornadoes” Abdelhady, Spence, & McCormick
056“Numerical modeling of debris flight in a one-cell tornado wind field” Tohidi
023"Experimental and computational modeling of ember hot-spots on roofs during wildland fires” Nguyen & Kaye
008“A stochastic model for the aerodynamics of irregularly
shaped gravel” Ahsanullah & Kaye
016Abstract Withdrawn
068Vulnerability Assessment of Structural Insulated Panels Subjected to Windborne Debris Impact” Saini & Shafei
078“An analytical study into the performance of cross-laminated timber structures subject to tornado events” Stoner & Pang

Field Studies II (Chair Dr. Frank Lombardo)

045“Automation of post-windstorm reconnaissance data enrichment using web scraping and machine learning” Rawajfih & Roueche
002“An Absolute Pressure Sensing Mote for Measuring Full-Scale Wind Pressure Loads on Buildings” Hochschild & Gorle
057“Characterization of surface roughness from LIDAR and anemometer measurements of near-surface storm winds.” Besing, Lazarus, Sridhar, Wang, Subrmanian, Pinellie, Zhang, & Sun
021“Observations of the turbulent near wake of a bridge deck” Daniotti, Jackobsen, Snaebjornsson, & Cheynet
082“Observations of incoming turbulent flow by dual wind lidar mounted on a bridge deck” Nafisifard, Jakobsen, Cheynet, Snaebjornsson, Sjoholm, & Mikkelsen
006“Retrieving wind speed and direction from WSR-88D single-Doppler measurements of thunderstorm winds” Ibrahim, Kopp, & Sills
043“Integrating survivor stories, tornado wind field models, and forensic investigations to reconstruct tornado events” Howie, Roueche, Lombardo, LaDue, & Mayeux
070“Tornado Wind Speed Estimation Methods in Rural Forested Regions: The Alonsa, MB Tornado” Rhee, Stevenson, Lombardo, & Kopp