Parallel Sessions IV

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Computational Wind Engineering II (Chair Dr. Catherine Gorle)

014“New Model for Rain-Induced Interior and Contents Damage to Mid/High-Rise Buildings During Hurricane Events” Wei, Pinelli, Aghli, Jia, & Gurley
025“High Frequency Effect on Peak Pressure Computation on the TTU Building Using Synthetic Inflow Turbulence Generator” Mansouri & Selvam
029“Numerical investigation of wind actions on elevated houses” Abdelfatah & Elawady
009“Efficiency improvement and discussion of grid effects on the DSRFG method” Wang & Cai
064“Hurricane Maria Hindcast Using WRF-LES: A Preliminary Comparison of Topographic Wind Speed-Up” Aponte-Bermudez, Masters, Santiago-Hernandez, & Cruz-Garcia
067“Time Variant Hurricane Modeling in Performance-based Wind Engineering” Ouyang & Spence
050“On the computational efficiency of LES and hybrid RANS-LES models in building aerodynamics” Khaled & Aly
055Abstract Withdrawn

Wind Tunnels I (Chair Dr. David Roueche)

034“Wind Performance of Asphalt Shingles Using Full-Scale Experimentation” Tolera, Mostafa, Chowdhury, & Zisis
054“Peak Wind Effects on Low-Rise Building Roofs and Rooftop PV Arrays” Braun, Chen, Chowdhury, Estephan, Gordon, Irwin, Johnson, Kennedy, Lyman, Raney, Reed, Sanford, & Wang
049“Wind speed maximum sustained, mean and gust factor comparison using publicly available H*WIND and Texas Tech University Hurricane Research Team data” Dannemiller, Smith, & Morse
031“Development of Standard Test Considering Pressure Equalization for Discontinuous Metal Roof (DMR) Systems.” Lafontaine, Afanasyeva, & Prevatt
019“A partial-turbulence approach to estimate peak pressures on low-rise buildings with flat roofs” Guo, Wu, & Kopp
013“Examination of gust effect factor for side walls of rigid low-, mid-, and high-rise buildings” Wang & Kopp