Parallel Sessions V

Times and zoom link are in the program (Program link)

Structural response II (Chair Dr. Ioannis Zisis)

032“A Scenario-based Hurricane Analysis Framework for Community-level Building Damage Estimation” Mazumder, Dumler, Enderami, & Sutley
053“High-Fidelity Probabilistic Collapse Assessment of Tall Steel Buildings under Extreme Winds” Arunachalam & Spence
072“Probabilistic assessment of the nonlinear response of the 20-story SAC building under extreme wind loads through collapse” Ghaffay & Moustafa
076“Wind-induced response of buildings incorporating nonlinear fluid-structure interaction effects” Ghaffary & Moustafa
010“Structural Fragility Analysis of Tall Buildings and Towers via Artificial Neural Network Surrogate Modeling” Zhang & Caracoglia
004 “Stochastic flutter analysis of wind turbine blades via surrogate models: Artificial Neural Networks vs. Stochastic Collocation” Li and Caracoglia

Wind Tunnels II (Chair Dr. Chris Letchford)

052“Drag coefficients for open frame steel structures under extreme wind events” Ou & Pang
001“Investigation of irregular-shaped buildings and their pressure distribution” Matus & Zisis
005“Design and development of a new Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at Florida International University” Matus, Mostafa, Sarma, Schwartz, & Zisis
040“Aerodynamic testing and response evaluation of a large-scale high-rise building model at a high Reynolds number” Aly & Chapain
048“Aerodynamics of low-rise buildings: large scale open-jet testing to address Reynolds number effects” Aly & Khaled
083“Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamics and Wind Loading of Buildings with Balconies” Ludena, Mooneghi, Chowdhury, & Irwin