Former postdoctoral researchers

  1. Neeraj Kanhere

Former Ph.D. students

  1. Brian Peasley
    Large scale 3D mapping of indoor environments using a handheld RGBD camera, Ph.D., December 2013 (slides -- 28 MB)
  2. Ninad Pradhan (co-advised with Dr. Tim Burg)
    Mobile robot navigation for person following in indoor environments, Ph.D., August 2013 (slides -- 17 MB)
  3. Xiaoxia Huang (Hermes Microvision, San Jose, California)
    Occlusion-aware multi-view reconstruction of articulated objects for manipulation, Ph.D., August 2013 (slides -- 10 MB)
  4. Bryan Willimon (co-advised with Dr. Ian Walker) (Universal Robotics, Nashville, Tennessee)
    Sensing highly non-rigid objects with RGBD sensors for robotic systems, Ph.D., April 2013 (slides -- 14 MB)
  5. Vidya Murali (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, California)
    Low-resolution vision for autonomous mobile robots, Ph.D., August 2011 (slides -- 100 MB)
  6. Zhichao Chen (Honda Research, Mountain View, California; formerly Assistant professor, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China)
    Off-the-shelf vision-based mobile robot sensing, Ph.D., August 2010 (slides)
  7. Shrinivas Pundlik (Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston; formerly Postdoctoral researcher, Clemson University)
    Motion segmentation from clustering of sparse point features using spatially constrained mixture models, Ph.D., August 2009 (slides -- 14 MB)
  8. Guang Zeng (MBF Bioscience in Burlington, Vermont; formerly Imaging software developer, Aging and Dementia Imaging Research Laboratory (ADIRL) at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota)
    Real-time automatic linear feature detection in images, Ph.D., December 2008 (slides -- 82 MB)
  9. Neeraj Kanhere (TrafficVision division of Omnibond Systems, Clemson, South Carolina; formerly Postdoctoral researcher, Clemson University)
    Vision-based detection, tracking, and classification of vehicles using stable features with automatic camera calibration, Ph.D., August 2008 (slides)

Former M.S. students

  1. Rahul Suresh
    An efficient image segmentation algorithm using bidirectional Mahalanobis distance, M.S., December 2012 (slides)
  2. Sean Ficht
    A person following algorithm for use with a single forward facing RGB-D camera on a mobile robot, M.S., May 2012 (slides)
  3. Jonathan Dinger
    An investigation into segmenting traffic images using various types of graph cuts, M.S., August 2011 (slides)
  4. Yinxiao Li (R&D Engineer, Restoration Robotics, Inc., Mountain View, California)
    Segmentation of floors in corridor images for mobile robot navigation, M.S., August 2011 (slides)
  5. Kalaivani Sundararajan (Takata Automotive, Pontiac, Michigan; Solitron, India)
    Unified point-edgelet feature tracking, M.S., May 2011 (slides -- 23 MB)
  6. Akshay Apte (Financial software developer, Bloomberg L.P., New York, New York)
    Detecting piecewise linear networks using reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo, M.S., August 2010 (slides -- 29 MB)
  7. Vinay Gidla (HMI image processing software engineer, Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
    Detecting and tracking tractor-trailers using view-based templates, M.S., May 2010 (slides)
  8. Bryan Willimon (Ph.D. student, Clemson University) (co-advised with Dr. Ian Walker)
    Interactive perception for cluttered environments, M.S., December 2009 (slides)
  9. Prakash Chockalingam (Computer vision software developer, Next Level Security Systems, San Diego, California; now with Yahoo!)
    Non-rigid multi-modal object tracking using Gaussian mixture models, M.S., August 2009 (slides)
  10. Nalin Pradeep (A9 - Amazon; formerly Computer vision software developer, Phasespace Inc., San Leandro, California)
    Accurate tracking of objects using level sets, M.S., August 2009 (slides)
  11. Trupti Patil (Intel, Columbia, SC)
    Evaluation of multi-core architectures for image processing algorithms, M.S., August 2009 (slides)
  12. Justin Ingersoll (Harris Corporation, Melbourne, Florida) (co-advised with Dr. Miguel Larsen)
    A regularization technique for the analysis of photographic data used in chemical release wind measurements, M.S., August 2008
  13. Vidya Murali (Ph.D. student, Clemson University)
    Autonomous navigation and mapping using monocular low-resolution grayscale vision, M.S., August 2008 (slides -- 60 MB)
  14. Chris Dunkel (Software engineer, Harris Corporation, Melbourne, Florida)
    Person detection and tracking using binocular Lucas-Kanade feature tracking and k-means clustering, M.S., June 2008 (slides)
  15. Nikhil Rane (Ph.D. student, Clemson University)
    Isomap tracking with particle filter, M.S., May 2007 (slides)
  16. Prashant Oswal (Engineer, Photon Systems, Los Angeles, California)
    Fidget detection for audio video meeting analysis, M.S., August 2006 (slides -- 18 MB)
  17. Jason Reneau (co-advised with Dr. Kelvin Poole)
    Design of embedded systems for NASA space flight dosimeter boards, M.S., May 2006
  18. Xiao Wang (Research engineer, Imacor, Long Island, New York)
    Forward-backward correlation for template-based tracking, M.S., May 2006 (slides)
  19. Braga Natarajan (Engineer, AMD, Austin, Texas)
    Motion segmentation over image sequences using multiway cuts and affine transformations, M.S., December 2005 (slides)
  20. Shrinivas Pundlik (Ph.D. student, Clemson University)
    Motion segmentation at any speed, M.S., December 2005 (slides)
  21. Sriram Rangarajan (Applications engineer, DALSA Coreco Imaging Technologies, Los Angeles, California)
    Spatial histograms for head tracking, M.S., December 2005 (slides)
  22. Neeraj Kanhere (Ph.D. student, Clemson University)
    Vehicle segmentation and tracking from a low-angle off-axis camera, M.S., August 2005 (slides)
  23. Rajitha Gangishetty (Software engineer, Chicago, Illinois)
    Acoustic localization by interaural level difference, M.S., August 2005 (slides)
  24. Guang Zeng (Ph.D. student, Clemson University)
    Automatic minirhizotron root image analysis using two-dimensional matched filtering and local entropy thresholding, M.S., May 2005 (slides)